Best Fish Finder for Bass Fishing – Buyer’s Guide

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Fish finders will help you catch a haul and make the most out of your time. They have a lot of useful added features and are quite affordable too.

Especially for bass fishing, you’d need a device that will almost serve as an assistant. Like our top pick the Lowrance HOOK2. Let’s talk more about some of the best fish finders for bass fishing.

Best Fish Finder for Bass Fishing

Best Fish Finder for Bass Fishing Product Reviews

Fish FinderDisplay SizeItem Weight
Lowrance HOOK24 inches4.5 Lbs
Garmin Striker 43.5 inches diagonal10.8 Lbs
Humminbird PIRANHAMAX 4 PT4.3 inches diagonal2 Lbs
Humminbird Helix 5 DI G25 inches diagonal2.6 Lbs
Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer3.5 inches4.3 Lbs
Venterior Rechargeable2.6 inches 0.95 Lbs
Hawkeye Fishtrax 1C2.75 inches0.59 Lbs
LUCKY Wireless Fish Finder2.2 inches 0.35 lbs

1. Lowrance HOOK2 Fish Finder Review

We picked the Lowrance HOOK2 Fish Finder as our top pick because it possesses a well-rounded set of features. It’s got accurate readings with its powerful SONAR tech onboard and displays all the information you need on its top-quality screen.

It’s the most highly rated device on our list as well. No doubt about it, Lowrance is such a respected brand in this field too.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B077WHMFQJ&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=fishingmagz 20&language=en USLowrance HOOK2 Fish Finder Review

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Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to utilize: Very intuitive and simple controls and design. More time for fishing than trying to learn how to use it for sure.
  • Autotuning Sonar: Water condition changes as you go fishing. That’s why the autotuning Sonar in this device adapts with it to give you only the best images possible.
  • More CHIRP: With this unit, you’ll get twice the CHIRP Sonar power you’ll get from most devices.


  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.8 x 3.3 inches
  • Screen size: 4, 5, 7, 9, & 12 inches (options)
  • Display type: 16-bit color TFT
  • Transducer: Bullet
  • GPS plotting only

This device offers premium features at a great price point. Affordable yet powerful and versatile. Definitely for serious anglers out there.


  • Great value for money
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful Sonar
  • Superb screen clarity


  • You’ll have limited mapping choices

2. Garmin Striker 4 Review

Definitely the model for simplicity yet effectiveness. This is why we think the Garmin Striker 4 is one top-notch device. One of the best portable fish finder for sure in the market today.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B017NI1IJI&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=fishingmagz 20&language=en USGarmin Striker 4 Review

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Features and Benefits:

  • Waypoint Map: Garmin is known for its GPS device and it does not disappoint here either. This should help a lot with navigation.
  • CHIRP Sonar: A wide range of information is always at your disposal. The CHIRP Sonar sweeps your area as frequently as possible for accuracy.
  • Flasher: With a built-in flasher this device is also perfect for vertical jigging or ice fishing.


  • Display size: 3.5 inches diagonal
  • Weight : 10.8 pounds
  • Frequencies supported: Traditional at 50-77-200 kHz CHIRP (mid & high)
  • Transmit power: 200 W (RMS)
  • Maximum depth: 1,600 feet freshwater, 750 feet saltwater

If you want to always be in the know of your surroundings and have cruise control then this is your device. With the robust set of features for navigation plus Sonar power, this unit is a must-have for serious anglers.


  • Great value for money
  • Very convenient to use
  • Versatile
  • Wide range for Sonar
  • Equipped with navigational assistance


  • Not as compatible with ice fishing as it claims it is

3. Humminbird PIRANHAMAX 4 PT (Portable) Fish Finder Reviews

Next on our best fish finders for bass fishing review is the superb Humminbird PIRANHAMAX 4. Tough and innovative, this unit is breaking barriers.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01M5K8YTE&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=fishingmagz 20&language=en USHumminbird PIRANHAMAX 4 PT

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Features and Benefits:

  • SONAR: Equipped with a dual-beam Sonar to give you both down and side imaging goodness.
  • Convenient mount: Comes with a coveted tilt & swivel mount for convenience on your boat.
  • Transducer: Get the most accurate readings with one of the best transducer technology in the field.


  • Display Size/Pixel Matrix: 4.3 inches Diagonal/ 272H x 480V
  • Transducer: Standard XNT 9 28 T
  • Gimbal Mount Dimensions: 3.91 W x 7.34 H x 3.62 D inches
  • Waterproof Class: IPX7
  • Depth Capability: 600 feet (2D) 200 kHz & 320 feet (2D) 455 kHz

Definitely, a device meant for the rough waves of freshwater and elements of saltwater. Great all-around features from a reliable transducer, convenient mount, and powerful Sonar.


  • Crystal clear display
  • Convenient to use
  • Very good price point
  • Durable
  • Versatile functionality


  • Larger screen option would be nice

4. Humminbird 410200-1 Fish Finder – Humminbird Helix 5 DI G2 Review

Having two Humminbird devices in a row is no coincidence. The Helix 5 is a popular model amongst anglers and for good reason. Superb details on the display and a massive set of features are hard to pass up on.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01M5E7ZTH&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=fishingmagz 20&language=en USHumminbird 410200-1 Fish Finder

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Features and Benefits:

  • Superb display: With a 5-inch WVGA color display this unit will have all the details for you.
  • Dual Beam: Details or range? Which one would you choose? You’ll have the best of both worlds here.
  • Intuitive: Intuitive keypad and control will promote efficiency at all times.


  • Display: 5 inches diagonal,
  • Color TFT 16-bit & 800H x 480V resolution
  • Depth Capability – DualBeam Plus: 600 ft. / Down Imaging: 350 ft.
  • Frequency & Coverage: DualBeam Plus – 200 kHz / 28 degrees & 455 kHz / 16 degrees – Down Imaging: 455 kHz / 75 degrees & 800 kHz / 45 degrees
  • Transducer: Transom XNT 9 DI T

Powerful unit that’s perfect for bass fishing. If you got a few more bucks to spare then we recommend you go get this one.


  • Well-rounded features
  • Durable
  • Detailed display
  • Versatile
  • Dual beam is a must-have


  • Just a bit more expensive

5. Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer

A different Striker 4 version right here from Garmin. It’s got a slightly different set of features than the one we reviewed above. Very powerful still if you ask us.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B08233Q1R8&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=fishingmagz 20&language=en US5. Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer

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Features and Benefits:

  • ClearVu: This feature ensures that you’ll always know what’s surrounding your boat.
  • Waypoint Map: Still ensures that you’ll know your way around the waters.
  • Battery power: This unit has got one of the best battery quality on our list.  


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 7Ah / 20hr
  • Weight : 4.3 Lbs
  • Dimensions: 5.9” x 2.5” x 3.7”
  • Terminal Type: F1
  • Battery-Cell Type: Sealed Lead Acid

A unit that’s meant to tough it all out. This version of the Striker 4 from Garmin comes with a transducer that enables it to give you accurate readings. And, display it on-screen with clarity.


  • Powerful Sonar
  • As tough as they come
  • Very versatile
  • Meant for both salt and freshwater
  • Great mapping features


  • The buttons don’t age well

6. Venterior Portable Rechargeable Fish Finder Reviews

Moving on with some underdogs that are very much worthy of your time. This Venterior Fish Finder offers convenience, simplicity, and effectiveness.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07WVQYKZ9&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=fishingmagz 20&language=en USVenterior Portable R

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Features and Benefits:

  • Wireless: No more cables nor wires involved here. The wireless transducer may be caster into the waters with ease.
  • Detailed display: The simple screen display all you’d need. Water depth, temperature, fish size, fish depth, & bottom contour.
  • Tether it: No need to drill holes no longer. Tether this device onto your fishing line to cast it.


  • Display Size: 2.6”
  • Sonar Beam Angle: 90 degrees
  • Depth Range: 2.6 to 131 Feet
  • Battery Life of Sensor: 6 to 8 hours
  • Battery life of display: 3 to 6 hours

This device has got all the details you’d need to find and catch fish. Pretty simplistic yet effective and accurate too.


  • Very affordable
  • Reliable readings
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to handle


  • Limited Sonar capacity

7. HawkEye Fish Finder – Hawkeye Fishtrax 1C Review

A bit overpriced but still worthy of checking out. If you don’t like bulky fish finders then this is for you.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B016O5IDBW&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=fishingmagz 20&language=en USHawkeye Fishtrax 1C Review

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Features and Benefits:

  • FishTrax Sonar: Precise fish finding of up to 240 feet
  • VirtuView: HD color display with backlight
  • FishArc and FishID: HD imaging of the bottom of the waters, and audible fish alarm, and low chances of false readings.


  • Screen Size: 2.75 Inches
  • Display Type: Color LCD
  • Item Weight: 0.59 Pounds

Pretty good all-around fish finder right here. Our only ax to grind with it is that it’s quite overpriced. But it’s accurate, efficient, and convenient to use overall.


  • Robust set of features
  • Good Sonar capabilities
  • HD display
  • Good range
  • Audible alarm


  • You could buy something way better for the price

8. LUCKY Wireless Fish Finder

A device that can be used by amateurs and pros alike. The LUCKY Wireless Fish Finder may be basic but it’s effective too.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00V7ZY7XI&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=fishingmagz 20&language=en USLUCKY Wireless Fish Finder

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Features and Benefits:

  • Wireless: This unit has got wireless capability with a 120 meter range.
  • Intuitive: Decent display, with lots of details necessary, and controls that are easy to handle.
  • Angle of detection: A 90 degree angle for Sonar detection with a depth detection range of 2.3 to 147 feet. 


  • Screen Size: 2.2”
  • Item Weight: 0.35 lbs.
  • Item Dimensions: 4.53” x 2.76” x 1.18”

Very easy to handle and learn. It’s very portable and has got wireless capabilities which is very convenient. Detailed display although not as crystal clear as the others on the list.


  • Great for beginners
  • Good for light fishing activities
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to read
  • Portable and convenient


  • Not very powerful Sonar as expected

Things to consider before buying a fish finder for bass fishing


No doubt about the best brand has the best features for fish finders. Humminbird, Lowrance, and Garmin are quite reliable.


Having a reliable display at all times is crucial. Especially if the conditions change and change at a rapid pace. What is display on the screen is just as important as the clarity of the display.

Size matters little, 4, 5, or 7 inches of display are acceptable. An 800H x 480V resolution is quite good.


Make sure that your fish finders scan accurately and with the needed range. A 50/200 kHz frequency range for dual beam Sonar devices is quite good.


Of course, your fish finder should withstand the elements. Rain, moisture, heat, saltwater, and etc.


Fish finders are almost mandatory to be black for visibility.


Transducers give you more range and accuracy. Make sure yours have one if you’ve got the budget for it.


Below $100 devices are quite unreliable but there are some like the ones we listed that are. Anything within $150 to $500 should suffice the needs of a serious angler.

Fish finder accessories recommendation

Scotty #141 Kayak/SUP Transducer Mounting Arm with Gear-Head

Install your transducers with ease with this gear. Best for kayak and SUP anglers.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0174X6T5A&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=fishingmagz 20&language=en USScotty #141 Kayak/SUP Transducer Mounting Arm with Gear-Head

RAM Mounts Drill-Down Marine Electronic Mount RAM-111U

This mounting hear is super versatile. Compatible with all major brand’s devices.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0000AXXZH&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=fishingmagz 20&language=en USRAM Mounts Drill-Down


How to use a fish finder for bass?

Using a fish finder will always take a bit of a learning curve. From strategically using it to learning how to interpret data and learning how to navigate with it, it will take a few trips.

Unless, you are already well-versed with the device. Read the manual, tweak with it a little bit, learn the icons and symbols, and just go out there and catch some fish!

Do fish finders work for bass?

We’ve listed some of the best bass fish finder in the market today. So yeah, in due time, you’ll catch bass in hauls. Study our portable fish finder reviews again to get a good idea of these awesome devices.

Where is the bass on fish finder?

Most of the time, bottom terrains will be filled with bass. And if you learn how to read it on your fish finder, you’ll be catching them easily. The best bass pro fish finder will help you execute all of that.

Final Thoughts

So, are you planning to get our top pick the Lowrance HOOK2 Fish Finder? Or our runner-ups the Garmin Striker 4 and Humminbird PIRANHAMAX 4?

Well, whichever you choose these are all the best fish finders for bass fishing. No doubt, they’ll help you catch a haul!

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